Studies show increased focus on CTV

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While many brands are finding success at reaching their preferred audience and bringing their campaigns to scale according to new IAS data, a lack of transparency (42%) and elevated advertising fraud levels (44%) top the challenge list for most brands and marketers.

These challenges are making many executives focus on the supply path rather than traditional strategies of buying low-cost ad inventory. In fact about half say most of their video ad budgets are spent programmatically (52%) and 80% say that at least one-third of their inventory is from programmatic buying. Programmatic buying is expected to top the $154 billion mark this year, but supply path optimization (SPO) strategies are growing larger on the horizon.

“This report showcases that a fundamental shift is underway towards quality path optimization. Rather than simply focusing on low cost ad inventory within programmatic environments, marketers are carefully deploying SPO strategies to seek high quality media underpinned by efficient investments,” said Tony Marlow, CMO, IAS.

Other interesting findings from IAS’s Perfecting Your Supply Path report include:

• 71% of video ad buyers are investing in social video
• 61% are focused on mobile video, 60% on mobile app video
• 38% are buying CTV spots

More data from the IAS report can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, data out from Innovid shows a sharp increase in CTV ad revenue from many businesses with an overall revenue increase of 65% YoY globally. Nearly half (46%) of video impressions served through Innovid were CTV ads; that is about 10% higher than last year.

More of Innovid’s CTV data can be accessed here.



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