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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : October 20, 2021

Why Honest Online Marketing Wins Every Time

When done right, online marketing is more educational than promotional.

by BizReport

If you're a new business owner, you've probably wondered about how to get the best value out of online marketing, advertising, and promotion. Letting the public know what you do, and why they should choose your company, can be a costly endeavor.

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs decide to take shortcuts by exaggerating their experience in over-hyped ads and promotions. While an ad blitz can generate more traffic to your company and bring in a wave of first-time customers, if you're unable to deliver on bogus promises, people will leave in droves. What's worse, they'll head to their social media accounts and announce their bad experiences to the world. When online promotion is done right, consumers learn essential facts about your business. Preaching, coaxing, and bending the truth are techniques that never deliver long-term results. Consider the following examples where honest, informative advertising has the potential to bring in long-term clients.

Home Elevators
Those who are thinking about boosting the resale value, safety factor, and luxury aspect of their homes often shop online for home elevator installation services. These consumers have particular needs and put in hours of thought and research before they begin to search for providers. The home elevator company Lifton is a good example of a service provider that offers a wealth of data to prospective clients. Homeowners can visit the website and learn all about the details of residential elevator installation, how long a typical job takes, what the cost ranges are for different models, why some homes make ideal candidates for lifts, and much more.

For decades, vehicle dealerships had a reputation for using shady sales tactics and being willing to do anything to sell a car, truck, or SUV. When online buying became widespread several years ago, all that changed. Now, savvy buyers tend to do intense research on price, quality, reliability, and other factors that go into making a vehicle purchase. The most successful sellers, whether large dealerships or smaller businesses, have gotten wise to the fact that prospective buyers want information about features, options, and specific prices before they'll commit. That's a good thing because the entire vehicle sales industry no longer has such a bad reputation, as was once the case.

If you're in the market for personal or professional services from doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, massage therapists, and similar providers, check out a few random websites and notice how widely they vary in the amount of useful information they deliver. The providers who offer reams of relevant information and avoid trying to simply collect email addresses and leads tend to have thriving practices. Chiropractors probably advertise more than any other medical specialists, simply because there's a high amount of competition in the niche.

Which chiropractic physicians get the most business? Invariably it's the ones who offer informative, educational websites that include an extensive FAQ section, an up-to-date blog, live chat, an effective landing page, and honest lists of services and prices. Honesty does pay off, and that rule holds for just about any merchant who uses the internet to advertise.


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