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BizReport : Search Marketing : October 08, 2021

Top 5 tips to improve SEO strategy

A good search engine optimization strategy can spell the difference in building relationships with customers and simply on-boarding a shopper for a one-time purchase. However, many brands continue to struggle with SEO optimization and strategy. Here are five tips to boost brand authority, drive traffic, and improve conversions through an improve SEO strategy.

by Kristina Knight

Make sure you are using the correct H1 tags

"What is your page about? Google needs to know, and H1 tags instruct Google what your page is about. Every page within your website should have H1 tags. Google cannot properly crawl and index your site for Google search results if it doesn't know the titles of your pages. The H1 tags (page titles) should properly reflect the content on each page," said AJ Olsen, Digital Marketing Manager, Silverfrog Marketing. "There are also MANY other types of tags Google likes to see also; Each tag lables different content within your site. Tags help organize & catagorize, data & information within your site, so Google can better read, crawl, identify, place, and index information about your site, in the right/correct places. Tags act like instructions for Google to let them know what content is what. Google will give search results ranking preference to sites using tags correctly to label information."

Make sure you are using your keywords in the sites Meta Title and Description

"Google needs to know what is discussed on each page; Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions should contain keywords that you want to rank for in Google search results. The meta title and Descriptions should also match the topics or content discussed within the page they are on," said Olsen.

Make sure to list you business in relevant business directories

"Consumers are searching for business service they need online. Oftentimes they will turn to directories to find who offers the services they need. If your business isn't listed and showing up to date information, they won't be able to find you or contact you. Listings are also a great way to showcase your business services, photos, hours, and specials to stand out from your competition," said Olsen.

Target Local Keywords

"Google displays results in search based on a searcher's geolocation, (if the user has Google location services on) to deliver it's users more relevant search results," said Olsen. "If you are not using local keywords on your pages (countries, cities, states, zip codes, major roads) you risk not showing up in the geographic areas most important to you to be seen."

Post Blogs and Social Media with your Keywords regularly

"Google looks for authorities on Topics. There is no better way to get a boost in your search rankings than to regularly write, blog, and post about the services you offer. If you don't blog or post, your web content can be come old, irrelevant, and stale to Google, and your pages will be pushed down to favor pages posting fresh, up to date current content. Regular Blog posts are also a great way to keep your business, in front of customers, and engaged/involved in your business. If you offer helpful, useful, or entertaining information, consumers will also more likely share your posts with their friends & followers --expanding your businesses' reach," said Olsen. "Blog posts should also be well written, formatted properly, and structured; In search results, Google, as well as other search engines, give preference to content that is well structured."

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