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This renewed interest in email is in response to news of upcoming changes to customer identification, loss of third party cookies, and other changes to data collection and usage. While Google has not yet axed the use of third party cookies, advertisers are prepared for this change and are looking at ways to improve their first party data. Nearly half say they’ll utilize identification graphs (49%) to address these changes or will invest in second party data relationships (48%). Email is seen by more than half (63%) as the best way to collect first party data.

“Advertisers are still finding their path forward with the future of identity and its impact on ad targeting, measurement and overall advertising performance,” said Lauren Fisher, EVP of Business Intelligence, Advertiser Perceptions. “Partners who perform will be key, but advertisers will also be leaning more heavily on partners early on for the insights and recommendations needed to navigate the uncertain future.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 80% of marketers say email offers ‘the most direct’ path to customer opt-in/consent
• ID-linked email is seen as a ‘universal alternative’ to privacy concerns
• 4 in 5 marketers say they’ll use email to strengthen lookalike targeting
• Most (75%) say they’re satisfied with email’s targeting and measurement capabilities

“Email newsletters are a strong solution for advertisers looking to grow their first-party data to reach, target, and personalize communication,” said Kerel Cooper, CMO, LiveIntent. “As the industry moves towards an identity-centric future, email is emerging as a trusted and valuable asset that advertisers can lean into in order to secure independence from the walled gardens as advertisers pursue campaign that perform.”

According to previous LiveIntent data both email and gaming have seen significant engagement since the beginning of the pandemic.

LiveIntent and Advertiser Perceptions partnered on the report.



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