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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : September 01, 2021

How to Gain Your E-commerce Brand Awareness And Reach Through Customer Experience

Do you know what a brand and customer experience have in common? Company image.

by BizReport

Only in the first case, it is formed by visual elements (corporate colors, logo, fonts), and in the second - by interaction. The better the user experience, the higher the company score. And we'll show you how to improve it.

Social media marketing
SMM as a tool to improve customer experience and increase brand awareness can seem like a strange decision. However, it is effective. First, people actively use social media. In 2019, users spent 2 hours 24 minutes on them daily.

That being said, people love the idea of customer service on social media. About 33% of users prefer them to email and phone. Plus, this leads to an increase in the check. Customers of companies who respond to them on social media spend 20-40% more.

Social media marketing brings many benefits to businesses. Some of them:
· Research of the target audience behavior;
· The ability to create targeted ads;
· Building strong relationships through daily and less formal communication;
· Increasing the level of trust thanks to user-generated content;
· Prompt and high-quality customer support;
· The fastest, and at the same time, the budget way of communication with the target audience.

Effective social media marketing requires developing a promotion strategy. It's important to understand your target audience and value proposition. Also, identify the voice of the brand. He and the design of the accounts must match the style of the company.

It's important to post content regularly. We also recommend paying attention to the statistics of user behavior provided by the social network. By analyzing it, you will be able to adapt your content strategy to the characteristics of the target audience as much as possible.

It is important to understand that social media is not just a way to promote. To build relationships, you need to interact. Therefore, respond to messages and user comments. Also, try to engage the audience and encourage dialogue.

Remember that to be effective on social media, you need to work on quality content. You need to create texts that are interesting to your target audience, that do not contain grammar mistakes. To avoid typos, use a proofreading service like Fresh Essays. This will provide an opportunity to create quality content that inspires trust.

A convenient and attractive website
The online store is the key presentation of your product. It is of fundamental importance. This is where sales, subscriptions and collection of email addresses for newsletters take place. Therefore, the attractiveness of the site for the user is important. Several characteristics affect this.

Download speed
Is your site fast? If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, then you are losing 53% of potential customers. Modern sites have to be fast. Increasing load time from 1 second to 3 seconds increases the chance of bounce by 32%.

To make the pages open faster, compress the images. High-quality photos are important. However, not long enough for users to wait for the page to load. Before adding an image to the site, compress it using special services.

Also, pay attention to the file format. Some of them are not adapted to the Internet. For example, TIF format. It is not necessary to add them to the site. You can change the aspect ratio to one that is adapted for the Internet and will not slow down the resource. For example, JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Site navigation
Well, thought out navigation makes the resource easy to use. Visitors find offers they are interested in faster. To do this, use heatmaps. At least when designing navigation. Heatmaps will show you where on the page your site visitors are focused. The most important elements are placed there.

Product presentation
Take care of the organization of the goods. Add filters, sorting, and site search. The latter can offer options for requests and provide for auto-correction of errors. The latter is recommended.

Pay special attention to product pages. Complete them with quality product images and informative descriptions using the voice of the brand. Be clear about the price. This will demonstrate the company's honest attitude towards users.

Personalized content
Social media marketing will bring you closer to your target audience. A user-friendly website will facilitate the buying process and present the products properly. However, personalization provides the best user experience.

What is its essence? Personalization involves studying the preferences and characteristics of user behavior in order to form appropriate offers.

What could it be?

1. Email Marketing.
2. Featured Products.
3. Promotional offers.
4. Online consultants.
5. Reminders of viewed items.
6. Content.
7. And much more.

To create personalized content, you need to study users. It is important to know what value a person is looking for in a product and how he chooses and buys. The better the user's understanding, the more personalized the offers. Therefore, data is needed. They are contained in particular on the website. For example, the history of purchases and viewed products. Even such information allows you to make the appeal to a specific user more personal.

The user's experience with the company is a key brand memory. Therefore, by improving it, you improve the image. It is important that the process is comprehensive. By striving to provide the most positive user experience at every stage of the interaction, you are remembered as a brand that cares about customers. And the above recommendations will help to achieve this..


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