Study: Timeliness key for email, mobile engagement

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Timeliness has always been important, but Acoustic’s data shows that from March to May, as businesses began the reopening process, messaging engagement also rose. They attribute this increase in engagement to consumers’ need for timely updates on store policies from favored brands and merchants. The data also shows that email continues to surpass mobile push, even as consumers’ have increased their want to timely updates. Researchers found that there are about three times as many email recipients as mobile push recipients (globally).

“When brands leverage personalized messaging, they will succeed in 2021 and moving forward. Based on data from thousands of Acoustic customers, consumers want timely, relevant updates – email engagement increases when that happens. However, increased email volume doesn’t correlate with engagement. For example, North America sent the most emails by far of any region, but saw average engagement. Meanwhile, Continental Europe sent far fewer emails, but tended to perform best in terms of opens, clicks, and CTORs. If brands remember to prioritize quality over quantity, they will win,” said Erinne Mejia, Senior Director of Product, Acoustic.

Another interesting finding from the report is this: relevance remains high on consumers want list. Messages that weren’t relevant to consumers’ wants and needs from January through June was fast-decreasing click rates. Researchers also found that environmental issues remain high for engagement, an indicator that brands should continue to talk about their efforts to reduce carbon footprints, improve recyclability, and their overall environmental policies.

More data from Acoustic can be accessed here.



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