Study: Data breaches down but security still at risk

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Those are key takeaways from Risk Based Security’s 2021 Mid Year Data Breach Report. Their experts note that while breaches have declined by about 24%, ransomware attacks have increased significantly during the same period. Researchers further found that vulnerabilities increased by nearly 3% during the same time period. On average about 80 new vulnerabilities were found daily between January and June 2021.

“Important information missed during the pandemic is resurfacing,” said Brian Martin, Vulnerability Historian at Risk Based Security. “Even if organizations may be comfortable returning to their previous processes, the fundamental problem still remains – there are too many vulnerabilities for many organizations to realistically handle unless they adopt a truly risk-based approach to patching.”

More data from Risk Based Security can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, data out from Check Point Software Technologies finds overall increases in the number of cyber-attacks geared to organizations globally. Their research shows a 93% increase in ransomware attacks as cyber-nasties have targeted the fast adoption of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers say there has been an increase of about 29% in cyber-attacks so far in 2021.

“In the first half of 2021, cyber criminals have continued to adapt their working practices in order to exploit the shift to hybrid working, targeting organizations’ supply chains and network links to partners in order to achieve maximum disruption,” said Maya Horowitz, VP Research at Check Point Software. “This year cyber-attacks have continued to break records and we have even seen a huge increase in the number of ransomware attacks, with high-profile incidents such as Solarwinds, Colonial Pipeline, JBS or Kayesa. Looking ahead, organizations should be aware of the risks and ensure that they have the appropriate solutions in place to prevent, without disrupting the normal business flow, the majority of attacks including the most advanced ones.”

More Check Point data can be accessed here.



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