Report: Streaming not slowing from pandemic rush

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That increase in time spent streaming isn’t the only bright spot in the report, which shows an overall improvement in streaming ads. According to the data fewer than 20% of ads during the report time frame were ‘missed opportunities’ that either were unfilled or were not played. Researchers found an overall 4% increase in ad impressions for the report.

“As the global streaming industry grows and competition becomes even more intense, consumer expectations for a superior streaming experience – premium content, consistent performance and high-quality ad creative – will only continue to rise,” said Keith Zubchevich, CEO, Conviva. “The publishers and advertisers that can meet or exceed these expectations will be rewarded with continued growth, however, failing to address any aspect of the viewing experience could spell disaster.”

Further, researchers found that connected/smart TVs and gaming consoles are the primary way people are streaming; these devices account for most (73%) of time spent streaming.

Video streaming isn’t the online digital entertainment continuing to thrive in the midst of a global pandemic. According to App Annie mobile gaming will see an increase of at least $120 billion by year’s end as consumers continue to spend and play.

Puzzle games, hypercasual action games and simulation gamies continue to lead the way in playing hours. Hypercasual Action games saw a YoY increase of 37%. More data from App Annie can be accessed here.



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