How to drive ecommerce growth

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Kristina: How is Americaneagle driving growth for brands and its own business as ecommerce gets even more competitive?

Jordi Crooks, Senior Ecommerce Digital Strategist, Americaneagle: combines innovative design with enhanced functionality to create successful, conversion-driven ecommerce websites. Our experience implementing all of the industry-leading ecommerce platforms allows us to concentrate on the needs of our clients. Our long-standing partnerships and extensive integration experiences provide a holistic solution to meet complex and custom requirements, along with the ability to provide engaging and intuitive shopping experiences for the end-user.

Kristina: Can you comment on how ecommerce growth can actually be stalled due to having so many marketplaces and platforms to reach customers.

Jordi: Each marketplace comes with its own set of requirements, as a result, companies have needed to form a dedicated team for each marketplace, which is neither sustainable nor scalable. The cost to maintain a team around each marketplace doesn’t always generate a return. Having more centralized product information that can syndicate to the marketplaces and adhere to marketplace requirements, allows for an ecommerce team to be more effective in maintaining consistent and up-to-date product information while reducing duplication of work. Salsify is pre-integrated with several marketplaces and maintains up-to-date data fed to each marketplace.

Kristina: What are the platforms uses to accelerate product information management and decrease the time to upload products from days to minutes (this is where we can subtly weave in Salsify).

Jordi: Often there are multiple systems that house product information (DAM, ERP, PLM, spreadsheet, etc.). The goal with each of these systems for accelerating product information management is identifying the optimal business and data processes to best support your business. Salsify naturally helps to streamline the flow of information between the source of your product data and point of sale.
Manual and FTP-based imports powered by Salsify native functionality help with the initial formation of your commerce catalog inside of a system that helps aggregate and enrich your product information. On an ongoing basis, Salsify can continually receive updated product information as your business and marketplace needs evolve.

Kristina: Why is investing in staff certifications and why this is so important to your business?

Jordi: invests in staff certifications because we value the growth of our employees and being able to deliver the best solutions to our clients. We invest in staff certifications to guarantee to our clients that we have experts working on each project and can provide the highest quality solutions. In addition, continued education through certifications is a great way to motivate our employees to continue growing their career expertise.



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