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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : August 11, 2021

How to Create Evergreen Content That Last

Everything has its own expiration date, but when planning a content marketing strategy, you want to roll over the effect for as long as possible.

by BizReport

In order not to lose value for your audience and not to lose relevance, it is worth creating evergreen content. It will continue to attract audiences in 10 years, perhaps even with an increased growth rate. Let's take a look at this "immortal" marketing, find out why it is so important, and how to develop a strategy for its creation.

How to create articles that stand the time test
Evergreen content is quality content based on search engine optimization rules and implemented to improve rankings and user experience. It does not have seasonal peaks of increase / decrease in relevance, but keeps it at the same level for several years.

How to create articles that stand the time test:

1. Write on evergreen topics. If you sell pans, create a blog on the site and write about how to choose them correctly, how to care for and clean, what to look for when buying, etc. This is valuable information that helps users solve their problem. At the same time, she attracts not only interest in the article but also in the products sold.

2. Create a specific, niche, long headline that reflects everything the user is looking for on the page. It must attract and interest them.

3. Be at the forefront and be the first to write about a new concept. Constantly research and look for all the latest in your niche.

There are many research and analysis tools on the internet to help you create the perfect evergreen content. For example, Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, NinjaOutreach, and EpicBeat.

Why is evergreen content so important?
Relevant content is in demand for a short time. For example, an article on the query "What date will the presidential election be?" has a value at most until election day. And evergreen content is attractive to the user in 5-10 years. For example, content with the query "How do I clean my sneakers?" people will need it in 20 years. At the same time, the search engine will relate to the site on which it is located, with great confidence, because people read it from year to year, spreading it around the network with the help of backlinks and social networks.

3 main reasons why evergreen content is so important:
- Increases search rankings.
- Attracts organic traffic.
- Keeps your business up to date.

In addition, such content saves time and money, it supports organic traffic without the need for obligatory helpers in the form of new articles. When it launches an "evergreen content machine," it works on its own, constantly scaling the marketing campaign.

How to develop an evergreen content strategy
It doesn't matter what niche your business is in, you can incorporate evergreen content into it. For example, you have a website about football news; it is easy to create columns about the biographies of athletes, about the rules and interesting facts about this sport. An example of how to develop a strategy:

1. Find the right keywords and key phrases. Analyze similar sites and focus on what people are looking for.

2. Look for positive or stable search trends that will not lose their relevance over time.

3. Get information on evergreen ideas from sales teams. Experts have their own statistics and know what users need, their pain points and questions of interest.

4. Choose suitable visuals, audio and graphics. With their help, it will be possible to dilute the content, make it more interesting and memorable.

5. Update evergreen articles as needed. Correcting broken links, updating pictures, audio and video, updating information in the text itself, will also help to prolong the relevance of the content.

Different types of content do not have the same relevance over time. Essay Writing Service specialist claims that with a certain frequency, you will have to check your material and analyze it with competitors. When choosing an article for the query "How to clean your sneakers?", It will not be enough to write the 5 most common tips known to everyone. You need to immerse yourself in the topic and reveal it completely, for example, focusing on different materials and colors of sneakers. Otherwise, competitors will submit it earlier and take away the main organic traffic. The resource has gone through differentiation and has content for each audience segment. Here students can find study materials for 18,000+ educational institutions. It is extremely difficult to achieve such an effect. This is one of those rare cases where content is a product.

Examples of evergreen and non-evergreen articles
Diets and healthy eating topics remain in constant demand. A great example is Healthline's article "The Ketogenic Diet: A Comprehensive Newbie's Guide to Keto."

The 2,500-word material is the perfect introduction for beginners, so every month it attracts more than 80,000 visits from the search engine and about 13,500 from backlinks.

А Amerisleep has created a guide called "Reset Broken Internal Sleep Clocks and Fix Your Sleep Schedule," which helps over 14,000 users every month to solve their sleep problems. This content will remain relevant for many years to come. Touches upon the most important issue of the 21st century.

As we can see, people are looking for an article with 3 main queries.

Evergreen content, like all content marketing, is an effective and inexpensive tool to drive organic traffic. It helps build trust by solving user problems or simply providing interesting information. At the same time, the material should be built out of time so that it does not lose its relevance in 5-10 years. It alone is not enough to maximize business productivity, so it should remain just a part of your marketing campaign.


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