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BizReport : Content Marketing : August 16, 2021

Expert: Why podcasts shouldn't hit Spotify

There has been a dramatic uptick not only in podcasts created but overall time spent listening to podcasts since the beginning of the pandemic. This upsurge in listening hours has prompted some creators to put their podcasts everywhere, putting podcasts on outside hosts, from Spotify to Apple and other hosting venues, means the creator doesn't have access to all of the data. That data, however, is crucial in knowing more about the listening base.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What type of growth are you seeing in podcasts currently?

Lindsay Tiepkema, CEO & Co-Founder, Casted: Podcasting is one of the most popular platforms for audiences to obtain content and information, totaling more than 80 million listeners a week. Outside of individuals listening to podcasts, we've also seen the growth in opportunities for businesses to use podcasts as a tool in their marketing strategies. What starts as a conversation between industry experts could turn into many pieces of usable content -- from podcast series to blog posts, webinar topics, video segments, social media clips, sales enablement and collateral, and more. We are seeing the use of audio and video content from podcasts grow exponentially among B2B marketing teams as they uncover how to engage with their audience in ways they never have before.

Kristina: What is driving interest to this platform, from a consumer perspective?

Lindsay: As the first audio and video content marketing solution for B2B brands, our customers are interested in a new way to spread their messages, maximize their existing content, and humanize their brands. Leading with audio and video as the center of their content efforts does just that. Instead of marketers being tasked with churning out mass amounts of content, they can rely on the voices their audience craves to hear from: industry thought leaders. Marketers can easily break these conversations down into audio, video, and transcribed content that can be used to fuel all other marketing channels, a strategy we've coined as amplified marketing. Marketers can post videograms on social media, embed audiograms into blog posts, and use transcribed content to create newsletters, email marketing campaigns, presentations, and much more, all from just one podcast episode.

Kristina: We're hearing more and more about the importance for brands in owning their channels - for example, not relying on social networks, investing in robust email, etc. For podcast producers, how important is ownership?

Lindsay: Owning your content is paramount for marketers, and podcasts are no exception. What is unique about podcasts is that most of your content is developed through your own conversations, thoughts, and ideas as a business and the business leaders within. Brands are able to humanize their voices and use podcasting as a tool to engage with and deliver value to their audience in a way they can't with written content. When you do this effectively, it can position your brand as a thought leader in the industry. Owning your audio and video content is one of the greatest opportunities [that] podcasts provide B2B brands.

Kristina: How can producers ensure their offering is meeting the needs of listeners?

Lindsay: The fun but challenging thing about audio and video content is what's captivating for one listener may not be for another. Ensuring your offering meets the needs of your audience relies on developing a strategy and content that works for you and your audience as a whole.
Taking into consideration your content from every angle, from concept to creation and finally execution - not just in your podcast, but across other channels, too. This includes series promotion, audience engagement, formatting, and post-production. Taking the time to consider what you're creating, for whom, and how you're getting it out there is essential. When you meet the needs of your audience in a variety of ways, you will have content that truly resonates, allowing you to see real results.

More from Lindsay and Casted later this week, including how marketers can find - or create - podcasts that will improve revenue.

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