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BizReport : Advertising : August 23, 2021

Expert: How Google's FLoC may impact publishers

Google's decision to get out of the cookie game - or maybe not - has many publishers wondering just where data stands, and what cookie-less methods might help engagement numbers. We asked a digital expert for advice.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Several weeks ago Google made their no-more-cookies announcement - since, what changes have you seen within digital publishing?

Patrick O'Leary, CEO, Boostr: Overall, I see publishers continuing to move ahead with finding solutions to the third-party cookie. Despite the extension of time, they know it's coming and want to be ready and many aren't waiting to implement changes. We have seen an increasing interest in growing in first-party data and building targeting solutions from that.

Kristina: What changes would FLoC bring to the space?

Patrick: Right now, it's hard to tell exactly what changes FLoC would bring to the space. Of course, we can infer that ad targeting will be different, and more challenging, however I don't think we've seen enough examples, or had enough time, to evaluate the results FLoC produces.

If FLoC does indeed provide at least 95% of the conversions per dollar spent when compared to cookie-based advertising, as Google claims, then hopefully we won't see major changes or regressions in publishing.

Kristina: In your opinion, is Google truly phasing out cookies? Or was this a PR move?

Patrick: From a technical standpoint, yes, I do think they're phasing out cookies. Will they have other identifiers that might take their place? Yes. FLoC and other solutions are out there, however it's still very unclear on what data they'll be using.

Overall, it was more of a PR move. With major data leaks, such as Cambridge Analytica, consumers are more aware of who has their data, even if they don't understand how it's being used. I think Google phasing out cookies was their way of extending an olive branch to the speculative community.

Kristina: How are publishers feeling, right now, about Google's stranglehold on the space?

Patrick: I think that overall publishers are a little frustrated with the lack of clarity in the space. With so many options and unknowns, and then Google's latest announcement extending the third-party cookie deadline, I think the industry just wants a bit of stability.

A publisher's trusted relationship with it's readers and consumers is one of it's biggest selling points. Because of this, they need to have full transparency into the data that is being mined and how it's used.

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