Reports ID security pain points for employees, employers

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Researchers found that 42% of the most common work related Google searchers were related to workplace privacy and surveillance issues. Researchers further found that most (76%) of the employees they surveyed worried their boss monitored their communication – emails, etc. – and that about half (53%) delete Slack threads so that their boss cannot see them. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of employees are deleted their Internet search history at work to hide potential productivity drains.

More from the Elements Global report can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, according to a Beyond Identity survey about one-quarter of professionals still have access to credentials for businesses for whom they no longer work. With the sharp uptick in phishing and other attacks on professional data, this is a problem that both small and larger businesses must address.

There are several other pain points for businesses found by the researchers. For example, nearly half (41%) of employees say they use shared passwords for sensitive information, and about 1 in 5 say they use the same passwords for personal financial information as they do for their work.

The problem with these trends is that passwords continue to pose big security risks for enterprises. Some businesses continue to use too-simplistic passwords, making it too easy for fraudsters to gain accesses. At the same time, workers using the same password for both home and work poses additional risks because phishers and other fraudsters could target an employee at work and gain access to work information as well.

More data from the Beyond Identity survey can be accessed here.



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