4 Property Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know

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For example, let’s say you’re marketing a property you intend to sell or rent out. Although it might be best to enlist the help of property managers who specialize in real estate and property marketing, at the very least it certainly doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with certain best practices.

They can include the following:

Take Quality Photos

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s such an essential point, it has to be included on this list. Visuals play a major role in determining how appealing a property can be for a prospective buyer or tenant.

Therefore you need to make sure you’re not only taking photos that highlight all the relevant facets of a property, but that your photos are also of very high quality. Hire an expert to take the shots if you don’t have the necessary skills to produce impressive images yourself.

Consider Using New Technology

The degree to which you’ll be able to leverage innovative technology when marketing a property will depend on your budget, of course. But if you can see your way to spend a little extra to make the property’s marketing content stand out from the competition, it could be a sharp move to do so.

For example, you might follow in the footsteps of some property marketers who have been using augmented and virtual reality in recent years to take potential customers on “virtual tours” of their properties. This simulates the experience of visiting the site without requiring someone to leave his or her own home.

Offer Valuable Content (In as Many Forms as Possible)

You might already know it’s worthwhile to offer valuable content to your prospective clients because marketing can mean virtually anything. Bill Gates’s famous prediction that “content is king” has certainly proved to be the case in the digital age.

For example, you could provide your visitors with valuable content in the form of blog entries on such topics as “What to Look for When Renting a Property” or “10 Tips to Make Moving Into a New Home or Apartment a Breeze.”

However, though that’s a potentially productive strategy, you oughtn’t to limit yourself by providing content in only one or two forms. Along with blog entries, you could translate what you know and have into videos, webinars, live seminars, podcasts, and more.

This will help you cast a wider net and boost your odds of reaching a substantial audience.

Market the Area, Not Just the Property

Obviously, you have to focus on the residence you’re trying to sell or rent out when you create marketing content. But that being said, you needn’t focus exclusively on that.

People don’t buy or rent homes, condos, and apartments just because the structure itself possesses livable space and amenities. Sure, those are vital factors, but people also tend to value the location of the property when they have to decide whether it’s worth their money.

Keep this in mind when developing marketing content. For example, maybe you’re marketing a property in Katy, Texas, or the surrounding area. Along with highlighting all the appealing aspects of the residence alone, you could also use your marketing campaigns to point out that Katy offers nearly immediate access to the employment and cultural opportunities available in Houston, that it’s readily accessible via a wide range of travel options, that it’s home to plenty of businesses (including a water park for the little ones), and so much more.

Just make sure you have your particular audience clearly in mind when you select which local features to promote. For example, a family might be interested to know that Katy is home to a water park, but an ambitious young professional whose job keeps her constantly on the go might be more interested in knowing the community offers an abundance of nearby travel options.

Again, it’s crucial to coordinate with experts when necessary. These tips will help you cultivate your own property marketing skills, but they cannot fully substitute for professional guidance.



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