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“An interesting way to look at it is: what does Prime Day actually solve? For consumers, is a high pressure flash discount on something they don’t really want still a deal?” asked Rick Wilson, CEO, Miva. “We can shudder at Prime Day’s masterful use of emotional triggers like countdowns, app alerts, dangling big brands as bait for in-house knockoffs, exclusivity messaging, and a wall of third party content articles treating the fire sale like a mandatory national holiday. Or, we can answer these tactics with better solutions.”

Solutions, says Wilson, like communicating the value of a product, better understanding of merchants’ most valued customers, and supporting the overall customer lifecycle.

Wilson isn’t the only one to think these things. New data out from Bluecore indicates that while price is important to most shoppers (57%), discounts aren’t the only decision-making factors. Researchers with their State of Personal Commerce Report say that only about one-third (36%) of shoppers are actually influenced to buy a product because of a discount.

Instead, their data indicates that merchants and brands should focus more sales energy on better timing their branded communications (24%), creating more engaging content (10%), and highlighting personal recommendations (30%).

One other factor that isn’t discount-related? Faster shipping. In fact, new data from Omnitracs Delivering on Demand survey indicate that most consumers (65%) are willing to pay more for faster shipping.

“The global health crisis ushered in a new way of living, and consumers have become accustomed to the conveniences that stay-at-home orders have brought to the table. It’s clear that the pandemic-driven shift to deliveries as a primary method of buying goods isn’t going anywhere as restrictions lift,” said Dr. Ashim Bose, Chief Data and AI Officer at Omnitracs. “In the coming months and years, fleet services will only continue to grow in importance as the demand for faster, more reliable deliveries increases.”

Their data shows that more than half (59%) of shoppers are using one to two-day shipping and that nearly half (47%) used delivery services for things like groceries and beverages for the first time during the pandemic.



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