Reports ID how AI/AR are shifting online shopping behaviors

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First, from Snap, Publicis Media, and Alter Agents, researchers have found a link between AR and purchase decisions. According to the data about branded AR experiences increase product demonstrations and personalizations have a significant effect on overall purchase decisions, increasing the likelihood to buy by at least 70%.

Researchers further found that about 3 in 4 consumers polled say that AR will influence their purchase decisions over the next 5 years, and that 2 in 3 report they are ‘likely to buy’ after an AR experience.

“Consumers are expecting more from brands, and this research proves that AR supports these expectations by not only delighting customers but also positively influencing the purchase decision-making process,” said David Roter, VP of Global Agency and Brand Partnerships, Snap Inc. “Brands need to consider the utility and widespread appeal of AR-based experiences when developing marketing and engagement strategies, as the data shows that it’s becoming critical to long-term success.”

Meanwhile, Octane AI has released a new report showing what shoppers are looking for during online shopping sessions. About half are looking to buy beauty/cosmetics, 61% are in search of apparel, and about 47% are on the hunt for home goods items.

As to where they’re finding products, 88% of those polled are searching or browsing online while 84% are turning to brands through friend recommendations; just over three-quarters (80%) are discovering brands via social media.

Other interesting findings from the Octane report include:

• 71% ‘are inclined to’ share personal information in return for personalized recommendations
• 53% prefer brand communication to come via email, 12% via texting
• 24% say they don’t buy unknown brands/products online first because they ‘want to test’ the product
• 9% say free shipping is important to their overall experience, 8% say product reviews are important

More data from Octane AI can be accessed here.



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