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BizReport : Content Marketing : June 18, 2021

How to use creator content to drive app usage

User generated content is not new to the digital space, but with a constant need for fresh content even the largest ad budgets can be challenged. This, according to one expert, is why brands should outsource some content production to creators - including social media influencers, videographers, and even bloggers. Here's how.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can marketers tap into the Creator community?

Michal Fuchs, Digital Influencer Marketing Director, Zoomd: Today, marketers can engage with creators to just create video content that is relevant, engaging, and authentic without needing to commit to a complete influencer marketing campaign. This enables advertisers to tap into the benefits of working with a creator and then using their video content in a marketing or user acquisition campaign.

That's what we're doing with our Creator Generated Content video production, which enables us to use video content made by creators, edit it according to the relevant brief, and create highly authentic video ads.

We begin the process by understanding the target audience of the app, the relevant media channels (where we can most effectively find and engage with the target audience), and the content guidelines of the brand which are part of our creative concept. We then select which creators to use based on their experience (we will first try to locate creators that we know are familiar with the app) that also match with the brand and the target audience.
Kristina: Creators create video content. Then what?

Michal: The selected creators receive general production guidelines and create raw video content using their own green screen or any natural settings, submit it to Zoomd and we edit it into a video ad.

Then, Zoomd's media team creates the User Acquisition media plan through the company's campaign management platform and recently launched DSP. Tapping into Zoomd's patented technology, the Creator Generated Content campaign benefits from automated prediction as part of the recommendation algorithm to reach the most relevant and safe-listed audience. Then, the creative is optimized via A/B testing for the best performance. The campaigns are continuously optimized and edited according to the results.

Kristina: Can you take us through a use case?

Michal: Zoomd's Creator Generated Content was used to create video campaigns for Clawee, a mobile game enabling users to control a real claw machine to win prizes shipped to the user's doorstep. We produced videos for campaigns running in the US, Germany, Japan, and United Kingdom.

Using the Creator Generated video ads, this campaign generated a Cost Per Install (CPI) that was 40% lower than previous campaigns while the Installs Per Thousand (IPM) were 152% higher than the company's previous video ads. The Creator Generated Content campaign achieved a Click-Through Rate 50% higher than the previous benchmark and the Day Seven Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) increased by 36%.

These results were made possible by the authenticity that the creators bring to the video content they create, which encourages users to install the app.

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