Study: Prime Week to outpace Cyber Week in 2021

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Researchers note that in 2020, despite merchants and brands sending 65% more emails during Cyber Week than Prime Week, Prime Week still saw conversions increase slightly over Cyber Week. Overall conversion rates for both weeks were about 2.5%. However, during Prime Week brands’ personalized email open rates were about 1% higher (27.9% vs. 26.9%) than during Cyber Week.

That, say the experts, is where merchants must focus: personalizing email messaging rather than simply sending more generic emails.

Researchers further found:

• Personalized emails trigger between 2x and 5x more conversions than promotional emails
• Prime Week conversion rates for promotional emails were 0.52%, for personalized emails 2%
• Cyber Week conversion rates for promotional emails were 0.42%, for personalized emails were 2.1%

More data from Bluecore’s Retail Email Benchmarks 2021 report can be found here.



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