Studies find coupons, trust key for shoppers

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In addition to trying something new, coupons are also influencing consumers to try some old favorites again – things like hosting backyard BBQs or even attending venue events like concerts. Researchers found that 64% of consumers say a coupon or discount would encourage them to once again take part in large gatherings.

As to the draw of coupons, 43% of survey respondents say saving money gives them a feeling of satisfaction; coupons are also found to get people in the holiday mood with more than half saying coupons would encourage them to celebrate summer holidays like Memorial Day or the 4th of July.

“Now more than ever, consumers are placing an increased value on discounts and savings as they look to return to normalcy,” said Sarah O’Grady, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Vericast. “Brands that take advantage of this sentiment will connect more deeply with consumers and maximize their brand visibility. Heading into the summer months, there is a significant opportunity for businesses to acquire new customers and strengthen relationships with current ones by delivering relevant offers for the products and experiences consumers want right now.”

More data from Vericast can be found here.

However, while coupons are enticing shoppers to get out more, maybe don’t put quite so much focus on influencers. That’s because, according to new Bluecore data, influencers really aren’t influencing consumer trust right now. At a time when consumers are looking for trust, that is not a good thing.

Only 5% of people surveyed for the Bluecore report say influencers actually influenced their trust in a brand. Things that are moving that trust needle include good pricing (65%), successful past experiences (40%), and even brand values (43%).

More data from Bluecore can be accessed here.



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