Reports outline consumer changes mid-pandemic

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First, ShipStation data finds that about three-quarters of shoppers say they’re ready to continue online shopping for the long-term. Their new report finds about 77% of shoppers are now utilizing ecommerce more than in the past and are about 235% ‘more likely’ to continue shopping online. That is a big change from data at the beginning of the pandemic, which found that most consumers (83%) planned to return to in-store shopping as quickly as possible.

More ShipStation date can be found here.

And while shoppers are seemingly content to shop digitally, many are still looking for coupons – digital and print – to defray costs. According to new Vericast data 64% of shoppers say coupons would increase their likelihood of hosting summer events like barbecues and even dining out trips, and that about half (58%) plan to use coupons for Memorial Day gatherings.

“Now more than ever, consumers are placing an increased value on discounts and savings as they look to return to normalcy,” said Sarah O’Grady, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Vericast. “Brands that take advantage of this sentiment will connect more deeply with consumers and maximize their brand visibility. Heading into the summer months, there is a significant opportunity for businesses to acquire new customers and strengthen relationships with current ones by delivering relevant offers for the products and experiences consumers want right now.”

And along with coupons, don’t forget the social aspect – even of shopping online. According to new data about one-third of shoppers (35%) say they’ve been influenced to make an online purchase because of a social media ad. Nearly half say they’re looking for deals and ads from travel brands to help them decide on post-pandemic trips; 55% say they look for grocery deals/coupons in social media.

“Consumers are anticipating a return to normalcy, which reflects their eagerness to spend,” said Robert Rothschild, CMO, VP & Global Head of Marketing, “For brands, social media provides an opportunity to reach targeted consumers in an impactful way. To be successful, marketing teams must balance their strategy to align with current consumer preferences across platforms, formats, and audiences. Relevant, localized and timely content will be key to winning share in a competitive marketplace.”

Additional findings from Vericast can be found here.



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