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BizReport : Ecommerce : May 28, 2021

Expert: How B2Bers can better adjust to 'new normal'

Over the past year many B2B companies have experience significant growing pains - from remote sales teams to remote customer services. Still, most (62%) of them are reporting steady ecommerce growth. Here's how B2B brands can continue to grow even in the new - and still uncertain - normal.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Why is it critical that B2Bs become comfortable with the ability to change? How can they evolve alongside their customers?

Scott Webb, CEO, Avionos: Being "easy to do business with" has always been a critical success factor for B2B organizations, but what's changed is how their customers are defining "easy." Sticking with manual, outdated processes and systems simply because they used to be what customers preferred fails to recognize that you are only considered easy to work with if you evolve at the same pace as your customer. The last year only accelerated those changes which were already underway for many organizations, and so B2B firms have to recognize that the pace of change is not slowing now, or for the foreseeable future.

Kristina: What new internal processes have emerged for B2B organizations? How are these impacting customer relationships?

Scott: The sudden shift to 100% remote work introduced a ton of new collaboration rules for many traditional B2B organizations. Gone were the days of getting together in a room to "hash out the details" or connecting with a customer over a casual coffee or social setting. Managing customer relationships had to become more intentional than ever before. As we settle into what is probably going to be a permanent hybrid model, that collaboration will be tested. B2B organizations internally have to be able to see and share the same information so that they are presenting a common face to their customer.

Kristina: What do B2B business owners need to know in order to reconnect with their customers?

Scott: Customers' lives and buying habits have changed out of necessity, and many won't be changing back. Asynchronous working hours and locations mean that customers have to be able to access the same information from anywhere, at any time, and they will take their business to the B2B organization that provides it. Our 2020 B2B Buyer Report shows that 88% of B2B customers will switch to a different supplier to receive a better digital buying experience, and 81% would actually pay more to do it. B2B companies have to evolve to address this head-on or risk being left behind permanently.

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