Studies: Email, Gaming up during pandemic

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Comparing email conversions in the initial months of 2020 (January – February) and 2021 (January – February) researchers have seen a dramatic uptick in direct-to-consumer (DTC) conversions. According to new LiveIntent data conversions were up 26% YoY for DTC email campaigns, a good sign amid a pandemic that saw many brands struggle to connect.

Weekends and women are the key to conversions. This is a key takeaway from new LiveIntent data, which measured how DTC email campaigns fared between January and February 2020 and January and February 2021. Their research indicates weekends have about 12% higher CTRs, and that campaigns targeting women show about a 15% higher CTR than emails targeting men.

“We’ve seen enormous growth from DTC brands over the past several years but especially in 2020 when ecommerce consumer spend grew by 44% amid the pandemic,” said Kerel Cooper, CMO at LiveIntent. “Unlike some traditional retailers, DTC companies had a head start because they were already established in e-commerce and invested in the right digital channels where consumers were spending time. Our data shows that DTCs are seeing the benefits of email and would be wise to optimize for mobile devices to continue that success.”

Other interesting findings from LiveIntent’s data include:

• CTRs are 57% higher than average via tablet than other devices
• Conversion rates are 20% higher than average via mobile devices than desktops or laptops
• Shopping newsletters showed the highest conversion rates (60% above average)

More data from LiveIntent can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, new AdColony data finds that mobile gaming adoption is outpacing that of console gaming, at least during the pandemic. Their new report finds that 25% of US consumers now say they’ve played a mobile game compared to 15% who have played via console and 13% who have played via laptop.

More than gaming, however, is how much time is spent in general via mobile devices. According to researchers time spent in mobile apps is up about 36% since the beginning of the pandemic with users spending just over 4 hours per day on their device(s).

Other interesting findings from AdColony’s data include:

• 76% of US mobile users are spending more time on mobile devices now than in the past
• Casual Gaming has seen a 75% spike in usage since the beginning of the pandemic
• 218 billion new app downloads were counted for 2020

Additional data from AdColony can be accessed here.



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