Report: 2/3s SMBs haven’t gotten federal help during pandemic

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This despite news that bigger corporations have received federal aid. Instead of relying on government intervention, many small business owners have shifted their focus to take more of their business – from payment processing to payroll – into the digital space.

Adobe’s experts found that about only about half of SMBs secured PPP loans, that about one-third (34%) are relying on business credit cards to survive, and that about 20% have applied for bank loans. Only about 23% of small businesses have secured federal/government loans during the pandemic.

Other interesting findings from Adobe’s report include:

• 51% of SMBs handle physical paperwork daily
• On average, SMB owners process 16 documents per week
• On average, SMB contracts take 6 days to process

The study also shows how small business owners are responding to the pandemic, with about 45% of SMB owners over age 55 staying home during the crisis, and that about one-third of younger SMB owners (age 18-34) allowing their employees to work remotely.

More data from Adobe’s report can be accessed here.



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