What are the differences between social media platforms?

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Social media platforms have come an incredibly long way since Myspace and other older platforms thanks to a drastic advancement in technology. Today, there are a variety of different platforms a person could choose from. While at first glance they may all look similar and seemingly do the same thing, they are actually quite different once you start using them. If you are new to social media, these differences might not be apparent immediately.

If you are looking to use a social media platform and can’t decide which is best suited to your needs, here are a few things to note to set them apart and discover their differences.

For those who are looking for a more aesthetic and professional type of platform, it would be a good idea to look into Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform that was launched in 2010 and now ten years later is accommodating roughly 1 billion monthly active users.
Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram has a more professional and high-quality look and feel to it with high-resolution pictures that seem expertly taken. This give the appearance of effort to create a truly beautiful, creative, and attractive space. There are many aspects to Instagram that have taken inspiration from other platforms such as the stories feature, the reels feature, and the shopping future.

One of the most underrated tools that Instagram has to offer is the use of hashtags. Many people misuse them or do not maximise their capabilities. Task Ant is here to help with just that. It is a hashtag app which will find the best hashtags suited to your content in order for it to gain the most traction. It will also provide solutions for previously chosen hashtags that might not have been working for you.

Twitter, being one of the older social media platforms, with its launch in 2006, has reached approximately 326 million monthly active users. This app is a fast paced social networking service through a micro blogging type style with every post limited to 240 characters or less. Twitter also allows for users to post pictures, videos, and gifs for their followers to see. Adding this feature in was one of the best steps that Twitter took as it has allowed so for more entertainment and communication to occur.

Sometimes, if you are new to twitter, it was be tedious to try and get your account up and running, while also optimizing your tweet for maximum engagement. Twesocial is the service that is best to help with this. Twesocial is an organic Twitter marketing service that will handle practically every aspect of your account from choosing what to post and when it would be best to post, to deciding which hashtags would be best suited to your content, and even engaging with your followers and other users. All you need to do is provide them with your content.

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform and has made wave in the social media scene by reaching over 1 billion users in less than 6 years. This app is a short form video platform which allows users to post content in the moment. There is nothing complicated or fancy about TikTok and it is targeted toward those who are purely looking for entertainment, nothing overly done or beyond extra. They have a much younger demographic than the other platforms which means things need to be kept simple and entertaining in order to keep viewers engaged.

Tok Upgrade, much like Twesocial, is a service that will help you with everything TikTok related. They will help your account increase its profile views through organic engagement. This is done by specifically targeting your audience and engaging with your follows in order to build up a follower base that is interested in your niche or style of video content.

With such a vast array of social media platforms to choose from, and all of them having their own unique qualities, there is something suited for everyone.



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