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BizReport : : January 02, 2021

Planning to Reopen Your Business? Here's What You Need to Do

In these times of Coronavirus pandemic, one term that has gained considerable prominence is PPE.

by BizReport

The acronym stands for Personal Protective Kit and it is the gear that employees in the healthcare industry need to wear to remain protected from the dreadful virus. PPE kit consists of not just the gown but also gloves, goggles, and masks.

Images of doctors and nurses covered in PPE kits have come in front of the people to remind them about the gravity of the situation and the fact of how hard these employees are trying to save the lives of others while keeping themselves safe. Here are some essential facts about PPE equipment that you need to know.

PPE is the Last, Not the First Line of Defense
This may come as a surprise to those reading this article but the fact is that a PPE kit is the last line of defense for employees working in an organization. Experts at DMB Supply feel that the responsibility of ensuring the safety of employees falls upon this protective gear when everything else fails. These include administrative and safety controls and work practice controls.

Storage and Maintenance is Important
As the PPE kit is entrusted with the safety of the employees, proper handling, including storage and maintenance is vital. Steps should be taken to make sure that the PPE kit does not become contaminated or damaged during its storage and maintenance. If optimal conditions of storage and maintenance are not observed, the PPE kit does not remain a guarantee of protection against health hazards.

Employees Training Must be Ensured
Wrong or improper use of PPE kit can increase the risk of the virus and other hazards in the workplace. This is why it is essential to impart complete training to the employees on the correct use of the PPE kit. Employees must be provided with all information that is useful and helpful in protecting themselves through the use of a PPE kit. Training, instructions, and information regarding PPE kits are not only required but imperative in these times of Coronavirus.

Use of PPE Kits is Very Old
The phrase Personal Protective Equipment has come into vogue because of the prominence gained in the eyes of the common people because of Coronavirus. However, the fact is that protective gear for employees in various industries has been used for many decades, even hundreds of years in some industries. Workers can be seen wearing personal protective gear in places like mines, the welding industry, and workplaces where there is a risk of exposure to dust and hazardous chemicals and gases.

In present times, it is the responsibility of employers to provide their workers with suitable PPE kits if there are health hazards present in the workplace. Personal protective equipment has become imperative for employees working in the healthcare industry. In addition to availability in required quantities, it is imperative to ensure proper storage and maintenance of PPE kits. Proper training must be given to employees to make sure they remain protected in the workplace with correct handling of the gear.


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