Expert: How digital transformation is keeping business going

Kristina: How is digital transformation keeping businesses afloat today?

Zack Zilakakis, Marketing Lead, Apstra: Digital transformation is being driven, and really pulled through, by business transformation and proven to be key to survival in a post pandemic world. There is a common thread with what companies want to do in digital transformation that are magnified by COVID-19. Digital transformation is keeping businesses afloat today by providing them with the tools and processes needed to support a remote workforce while also helping to reduce employee and IT burnout. These technologies have accelerated business transformation in a few short months, and now, companies are taking a closer look at their budgets to ensure they are investing in the tools that will not only help them stay afloat today, but will also have tremendous benefits to them in the long run.

Kristina: How can organizations ensure that the transformation projects they began in early 2020 don’t fall by the wayside?

Zack: Align digital transformation (DX) initiatives with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Ensure that strategic DX planning is a core component of employee reviews. These KPIs and initiatives must be part of a multiyear strategy and roadmap.

Kristina: How can IT teams have discussions with upper management to secure the digital transformation tools needed to work successfully, avoid burnout, and beat the competition?

Zack: Because the cloud has made things easier for organizations, they expect that simplicity across the board, even internally in their own data center. IT teams are focused on all-around operations and speed as well as being able to pivot and pivot quickly. COVID caused thousands of businesses to realize they need this agility and thousands more realized that digital transformation is the way to lead the charge. IT teams can have discussions with upper management to secure the tools they need by pointing out that the time has come where business leaders need to remove barriers and adapt to the speed of the business. Some organizations are prepared to do that but many are struggling. But by implementing digital transformation tools, organizations can get to that level of abstraction to remove a lot of complexity in order to boost productivity and reduce IT burnout.

Kristina: How is digital transformation’s nearly invisible presence still affecting key business decisions and allowing enterprises to maintain typical business operations?

Zack: DX initiatives are no longer invisible to the business stakeholders. These DX initiatives are now strategic to the business and therefore inclusive of, and in some instances led by, the broader executive leadership outside of IT. Business transformation is forcing fundamental changes in how the business is run and digital transformation must support this through technology innovation.

Jan 04, 2021 | 02:01 am


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