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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : December 15, 2020

How to get more from mobile

According to new data out from App Annie the time people spend in mobile - using apps, etc - is skyrocketing in 2020, and that likely has many wondering just what businesses can do to engage these users. We asked a digital expert for advice.

by Kristina Knight

First, the numbers, App Annie's latest Year in Mobile Report finds that the time consumers spend in-app has increased by 25% YoY, with increases nearly across the board from streaming to work apps to games. According to the research streaming has increased 40% YoY, and as people and businesses went remote, that sent a surge of growth to business apps (200% YoY increase in usage). But even entertainment apps like TikTok saw significant increases in use in 2020.

That has many wondering what brands can do to engage consumers as they spend more and more time on their various devices.

First, be smarter about how voice and privacy

"With voice search adoption on the rise, 2021 will be the year for marketers to audit existing campaigns and web content and start generating new content that is optimized with voice search in mind," said Raquel Rosenthal, CEO, Digilant. "Don't forget privacy regulations and user consent. As privacy regulations bleed past the CCPA to more states, it's important for marketers to re-examine their privacy policy, the data they collect and the data that is ultimately necessary to use for marketing and advertising purposes."

Second, remember mobile is only part of the digital picture

"Mobile targeting alone is not enough. To be truly effective, it needs to be combined with other marketing strategies, such as social and Connected TV (CTV). Marketers must work to keep the brand fresh and top-of-mind, so when a person is ready to purchase they will have the connection. With Apple changing their new privacy measures, how brands target mobile devices will also need to change. Marketers have to make an effort to stay informed on how the targeting and measurement will change as these measures are implemented," said Geetha Neelakantiah, SVP of Business Development, Semcasting.

Finally, conversation increases relevance

"The best advice for any brand right now is to consistently listen to customers. Allow the consumer voice to resonate within every facet of your organization. Tune in to the key themes, to the tone of each discussion and understand how the conversation is being influenced. Listening to understand requires context and continual attention. It is not enough to focus solely on the echo chambers of happily engaged consumers, nor is it enough to solicit synthetic feedback through an occasional survey or focus group. Similarly, it is not safe to assume that the conversation on one channel is indicative of audience sentiment elsewhere. Understanding the conversational nuances of each channel and platform equips marketers with the insights they need to make more targeted, relatable and effective campaigns. Fortunately, conversation understanding at scale is attainable, and advancements in natural language processing have made audience insights more accessible than ever before," said Mike Owen, Chief Business Officer, SpikeTrap.

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