Expert: After pausing a campaign, here’s how to re-engage consumers

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Kristina: For businesses who ‘pressed pause’ on social campaigns, what strategies will they need to engage consumers?
Kerel Cooper, SVP Global Marketing, LiveIntent: Brands should treat this period as a chance to experiment. Brands love Facebook for their massive, engaged, and measurable logged-in audiences. Engaged and logged-in audiences, however, exist far beyond Facebook. Ads within email, for example, reach an audience that is incremental, logged-in and served only when the email is opened, making that audience just as engaged. It’s a great way to supplement the leads and marketing that brands were pursuing on social media. 
Further, email is the key to identity and marketing to people for a world where the third-party cookie will have a deprecated role. By engaging in a channel that provides the fulcrum for the new era of Identity, brands are having their cake while eating it, too. They are able to perform logged-in, measurable marketing while bolstering their future and controlling their destiny by building the asset that will help them thrive in a new era.
Kristina: How can email fill the gap left by paused social media campaigns?
Kerel: Email is a logged-in environment that’s virtually fraud-free. The quality of inventory within the email newsletter is vetted, backed by professionals looking to bolster their publishers’ products, and removed from the world of user generated content that makes brands uncomfortable. Email is targetable, measurable, and represents a 1:1 fraud-free relationship with an audience.
Kristina: What kinds of content are consumers looking for from email?
Kerel: It’s clear people are looking for escape. Arts & Entertainment ads in email have seen a 58% growth in CTR, likely due to the fact that we’re all looking to relieve some of the boredom and ennui while stuck at home. Similarly, business ads have seen a 51% growth in CTR, likely due to the fact that the B2B world continues to march on, and people are searching for solutions that will make the transition to the new way we have of doing business easier.  Family and Parenting ads have seen a whopping 100%+ growth in conversions, which reflects the struggles of parenting without schools. And of course, Pet and Food and drink advertisers have seen incredible returns from ads within email during this period, a reflection of how people-based the email channel is, and how thirsty we are for distraction.
Kristina: Is there a way to have an email campaign mimic what consumers like best about social media – i.e. pretty pictures, clickable content, etc?
Kerel: Email may be resistant to javascript and iFrames, but nearly any creative that works on social works within email. Campaigns that run within email are visually striking, they can be native, and most importantly, they are without the distraction of untrustworthy User Generated Content. Ads don’t appear next to irresponsible content because the ads are directly from vetted Publishers. Ads within email have best practices, like all mediums, but are easy to follow. 



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