Report: Streaming returning to pre-pandemic levels

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According to Conviva, a streaming media intelligence hub, streaming spiked by 81%
(YoY) in April and May, but those numbers have returned to more normal levels now.
Conviva’s researchers further found that advertising demand for streaming content has
decreased (Q2 vs Q1) even as the quality of ads have improved during the same time

Most of this decrease is attributed to the fact that there were no streaming sports
content to push advertisers to put more of their sports budgets online. As to the quality,
viewers waited about 38% less time for ads to begin playing (Q2 vs Q1) and exits from
ads declined by about 22%. Ad picture bitrates also improved, with bitrates up 52%.
As to how streaming viewers engaged with their favorite platforms, the researchers not
that more than half (59% share) of YouTube viewers continue to watch via mobile
devices but, YouTube viewing via Connected TVs increased and now accounts for
about a 25% share of overall YouTube viewing.

“Shelter-in-place mandates skyrocketed streaming viewership in April, led by Europe
which saw a 174% increase year over year,” said Bill Demas, CEO, Conviva.
“Unfortunately advertising moved in the opposite direction with global demand
significantly reduced due to COVID-19. We expect advertising to bounce back in the
coming quarters as the industry and viewers acclimate to a ‘new normal’ including
streaming being part of the everyday routine.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• Smart TV’s global share of streaming time skyrocketed 239% (YoY)
• Roku continues to be the top Connected device, holding a 50% share of viewing
• 45% of ads are ‘missed opportunities’ meaning they are not relevant to the

More data from
Conviva can be accessed here



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