Study: Content marketing seeing surge

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Content marketing is expected to see a continued growth range of up to 42% from 2020 through 2022. The growth is coming even amid concerns that there isn’t enough hard data on how content marketing effects the overall campaign lifecycle or consumer engagement. Most content marketing efforts (63%) are conducted in-house, according to the report, but only about one-third (35%) of marketers say there is a clearly defined strategy for their content marketing efforts. For those who have a clearly defined strategy for content, their overall outlook for the future of their content marketing efforts is strong.

“Content marketing has become, in a very short time, a major tool for marketers seeking to engage consumers in new and different ways,” said ANA CEO Bob Liodice. “It’s proof that a majority of advertisers are willing to experiment with and embrace longer forms of messaging to connect with their constituents.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 52% say they have a ‘strong commitment’ to content marketing efforts
• Marketers are allocating about 18% of total marketing budgets to content marketing
• 59% ‘have misgivings’ about content marketing because of a lack of data/insights from campaigns

“Get ready for Content Marketing 2.0,” said Jacqueline Loch, chair of The Content Council. “With 42 percent growth in content spending predicted over the next two years and the acceleration of consumer digital transformation, there is an exceptional opportunity for agency and publisher partners to help brands to deliver on content needs and to set the path for data interpretation.”

The ANA and The Content Council collaborated on the report. More data from the ANA can be found here.



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