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BizReport : Content Marketing : April 15, 2020

How to use deep linking techniques to improve engagement

Deep linking is not a new strategy in the digital space, but as people spend more time online, the power of deep linking is also continuing to grow. Added to that, many marketers and brands aren't as focused on the power of deep linking because of flashier and newer strategies. Here's how deep linking could improve digital performance for businesses.

by Kristina Knight

"Deep links have two main benefits - they take users directly to the content inside the app from every channel and on any platform and (if you use a third-party deep linking provider like Branch) they help brands understand where users come from when they install or open their apps. The power in properly set up deep links is the user always gets to the content they were meant to get to, regardless of where they come from, if they have an app installed or not, the platform they are on etc. Good deep links always work," said Made Seghete, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy, Branch.

Deep linking, according to Seghete, can be used to give consumers a better overall experience in the digital space, especially in mobile where clicking on ads typically takes a consumer to a new landing or information page. It can also be used to help businesses better understand how consumers are getting to their mobile apps and sites, giving businesses insight into the customer journey.

"[Deep linking] can help track content interaction, conversion, and other events for marketers across web and app, giving them a cross-platform view into their campaigns," said Seghete. "The introduction of mobile has fragmented way users interact with Brands - between social media platforms and super apps like Rappi, Go-Jek, Whatapp or Wechat where users spend a majority of their mobile time, to multiple platforms, devices and web vs app - global brands need to exist on dozens of environments - from native apps to a website, to pages or apps within other local super-apps to be able to interact and be available for their users. Our advice? Have a presence where your users are, but do everything in your power to bring users back to your fortress - an environment like the app where you can own the user experience."

Why refocus on deep linking? Seghete says it goes back to measurement. As the digital and mobile spaces have become more fragmented many brands have lost site of how consumers are getting to their content and product pages. Refocusing on that journey can improve overall engagement, which is show to improve revenue.

"Most merchants don't know they are losing users that might have clicked on a link that led to an error page. If you start with a link click and look through the funnel all the way to purchase and think how you can improve the conversion at each step - that is a good start. In some cases, it might be improving the quality of your links so you get a much better click to open rate, in other cases, it might be removing steps, or taking customers directly to the product they saw in an ad or was shared with them," said Seghete.

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