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BizReport : Internet : April 08, 2020

Expert: 4 IT initiatives to take in wake of pandemic

As more people work from home and as more businesses temporarily shutter their offices because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is leaving some areas of business unsecured. We asked an expert what brands can do now to increase the security of their business.

by Kristina Knight

Enable Secure Remote Access

"Hackers are having a field day, now that private business communications that used to be locked down on secure networks are now being transmitted over at-home Wi-Fi networks of questionable security," said Shashi Shashidhar, VP of Digital Engineering Practice, Pactera EDGE. "Even if remote workers are using VPNs, their home computer set-ups represent an insecure entry point, where Trojan and key logger programs may already be in use. Other businesses are discovering their in-house infrastructure aren't capable of handling the ramped up traffic. The solution? Look to have remote access managed by secure cloud and productivity tools. When possible, supply remote workers with approved laptops and tablets pre-loaded with the business vetted security features. Your business continuity plan relies on the ability to keep operations running smoothly from now disparate network locations."
Multi-hub and Cloud-solution strategies

"Redundancy and geographic diversity have always been ways for the business enterprise to be more productive, while ensuring business continuity. In light of the personnel disruptions that are occurring during this pandemic, cloud solutions now reveal additional benefits when it comes to keeping the business operating as seamlessly as possible.  Ultimately, if it's possible, cloud solutions are the best way to go, since third party vendors like Amazon and Google have done all the heavy lifting when it comes to redundancy and scalable resources. If that's not an option, seeking someway to decentralize your processes and infrastructure is a top priority right now," said Shashidhar.

Agility and Time to Market

"Reducing time to market is key to customer satisfaction.  Be it releasing new features into the market, or updating software to address issues, time to market is critical.  In today's day and age of ever changing technology landscape, enterprises have to be nimble and agile in order to keep up with the competition," said Shashidhar. "Agile DevOps is one way for enterprises to be agile and take care of market demand in an agile manner.  Being able to roll out new features or address issues in a timely manner is critical in these crisis times."

Look at Investing in Digital Tech

"This crisis - and the strains it's placed on current IT superstructures - signal those in management that now is the time to evaluate underperforming or failing legacy systems," said Shashidhar. "As robotic and industrial automation pairs with AI powered software solutions, the opportunity to reduce the physical human touch in the enterprise workflow is now within reach. Yes, such an upgrade represents an initial investment, but is there really any better time to justify that spend than now?"

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