Top 3 tips to a better checkout

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Make your checkout page feel local
“Cross-border ecommerce is growing at twice the rate of domestic online sales. Worldwide, an overwhelming majority of online shoppers buy from foreign websites. But if you’re checkout page doesn’t offer the local languages, currencies, and payment methods people expect, you’re going to lose conversions. Localize your checkout page to each shopper’s home country or region to build trust. Put yourself in the shopper’s position: would you enter your credit card into a webpage that you can’t understand?” asked Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO, BlueSnap.

Just get to the point
“When shoppers click the “checkout” button, they probably want to check out. Yet a lot of companies get in the way,” said Dangelmaier. “They use the checkout pages to bombard annoyed shoppers with advertisements, coupons, add-on items, and other junk. Cut the distractions. The best checkout pages are uncluttered and don’t shuffle shoppers across multiple pages.”
Stop sending your customers to Amazon

“Digital wallets took off because they spare shoppers from filling out tedious forms. Seriously, people abandon their cart and search for the same goods on Amazon simply because their payment information is saved there. Taking credit cards is not good enough. You need to accept one-tap payment options like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Play, which erode Amazon’s advantage. Display those eWallet options on your product pages so that shoppers don’t have to think twice,” said Dangelmaier.



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