Report: Personalization key heading into 2020s

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Research out from Bluecore is putting the emphasis on personalization in marketing for merchants. According to their 2020 Retail Trends Report 57% of merchants are concerned about personalization and say they’ll be increasing their use of personalized messaging as we move into the new decade. As to what marketing methods will take the focus, ‘owned’ marketing is where many will focus their personalization efforts, from owned email lists to owned ecommerce channels.

“With more brands shifting to direct-to-consumer relationships, their ability to speak to consumers at a one-to-one level is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather, a completely essential strategy to thrive over the next decade. With personalization’s challenges quite apparent, retail marketers must take care to evaluate their business objectives against what their technology can deliver and how fast they can deliver it,” said Sarah Cascone, Director of Marketing, Bluecore.

Other interesting findings from Bluecore’s 2020 Retail Trends Report include:

â–ª More retail marketers will move to one marketing efforts rather than outside digital ads
â–ª 54% say the expect resistance from some within their organization in terms of increasing personalization, 25% say understanding the data connecting shoppers, stores, and products harms their personalization goals
â–ª 96% believe any brand can become digitally fluid so that their messaging is seamless and relevant to shoppers
â–ª 35% say they struggle getting relevant data and then putting it to use

The top objectives identified by those polled were increasing email revenue, increasing the rate of repeat purchases, and driving site traffic.

More data from Bluecore’s report can be accessed here.



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