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BizReport : Advertising : January 09, 2020

Experts: 2020 calls for an ROI focus, not cost focus

There is a lot of automation going on in the digital space, from chat bots to some automated order filling. But, according to once expert, 2020 won't be the Year of the Robot. Instead, it will be a year in which brands begin to focus on the ROI of their automation and technology rather than the cost of it. Here's why:

by Kristina Knight

Techstacks will continue to grow

"In 2020 I see less focus on the 'cost' of sales tech and more emphasis on the ROI or outcome. We're starting to have more respect for the multiplier effect or efficiency gains you can get from these tools. So, the tech stack will continue to grow, rather than shrink as long as the efficiency follows," Joe Caprio, VP, Sales,

Look for less division between CS and other teams

In 2020, the 'digital transformation' conversation that has become commonplace across IT, will extend into the customer service center. We will begin to see the impact and value of support data being shared across the enterprise. Customer feedback, sentiment, profile data and more will be securely shared across organizations helping teams such as marketing, sales and product development to make more strategic decisions. And as a result, the importance and value of customer support will be elevated as a whole," said Anand Janefalkar, Founder & CEO, UJET.

2020 keeps it real

"2020 is not the year of the robot. We've made so much progress since I first started in sales, and technology has been the biggest driver of that progress. And I know the rate of iteration increases forever, but we still have a long way to go before the average company would trust their brand and reputation to be fully automated," said Caprio.

Premium programmatic grows

Shift toward more premium programmatic executions.
"Agencies are moving more deals out of the open auction and into the premium and direct buy types of PMPs and PG. This shift allows them to apply the programmatic fees, while also allowing for safe, efficient and transparent programmatic media buying. Of course, this doesn't mean that open exchanges are going away. Rather, we're seeing segmentation in the way that advertisers do their buying. Open exchanges are going back into the rightful position of monetizing lower value, remnant and longtail inventory. Meanwhile, upper-funnel activity is moving back to more premium executions and strategies now that the technology has caught up with the market," said Charmagne Jacobs, VP/Head of Global Marketing & Partnerships, Adslot.

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