Email Benchmarks show increased interest in personalization

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SparkPost has released findings from their 2020 Transactional Email Benchmark Preport and among the more interesting findings is this: for about one-third of transactional email senders (32.9%) are seeing engagement levels between 20% and 50% for their campaigns. These senders are also seeing average delivery rates of more than 80%. Added together, these are signals that consumers are continuing to look to email as a go-to for getting product information and discounts for upcoming buys.

“Transactional emails bolster a variety of business goals: Onboarding, customer education, and product updates, to name a few. All of these communications deepen the relationship between customers and businesses and can boost ROI,” write the report authors. “All of this effort is lost if transactional emails don’t make it to their intended destination, or take so long to reach a customer that they’re no longer effective.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 63% are not A/B testing transactional messaging
• 54% are using email API services to send messaging
• 52% are using email authentication tactics

Another interesting finding? That businesses are assigned different email tasks to totally difference departments. For example, while about one-third assign marketing teams, technical writers or marketing operations to write transactional messaging nearly the same amount (28%) are assigning developers or engineering teams to actually send the messaging.

More details from SparkPost’s latest benchmarks can be accessed here.



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