Top 3 Tips for making your App Retargeting Creative Perform

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Make your ad an extension of the device

“Adopting and producing a digital-first creative approach was considered ridiculous. However, over the years digital has grown larger than TV and print, and it’s where we’re going to see creativity grow the most. Obviously, some of the original digital ads weren’t that creative, but as with anything new, we’ve learned how to make digital and now mobile ads more engaging and creative. From our experience, the best way to make app retargeting ads more effective is to think about how we resonate with the audience, and leverage that relationship,” said Alex Merutka, CEO and founder of creative technology platform Craftsman+. “The vast majority of apps are mobile experiences, and thus more convenient to users. In order to re-engage a user, the creative should focus on the convenience and simplicity of using that app in a way that is relevant and fun. If the campaign is designed to re-engage a game, it needs to get me hooked in 3 seconds or less; if it’s for a store, it has to make me want to drop what I’m doing and shop for a new pair of kicks in 4 seconds.”
Use the small screen and intimacy of mobile to your advantage

“Everyone in marketing dreams of creating an ad to run during the Super Bowl, but there is something to be said about the intimacy of creating an ad to be viewed by one person on their phone,” said Leo Giel CRO at mobile marketing platform YouAppi. “For one, dynamic creative personalization technology enables creating an ad just for that one person viewing it now. And when we create an ad to bring back a dormant user, we know what they liked about the app in the first place, which can be the feature of the ad. Beyond the technology, mobile retargeting ads succeed when they create an intimate moment with the user, reminding them why they downloaded the app in the first place. Use this intimacy to create a moment to re-engage that user.”

Users are more responsive to creative retargeting ads

“Numbers don’t lie,” added Leo Giel from YouAppi. “From the tests we’ve run, we’ve seen that app retargeting ads which are creative perform better. Creative means that they don’t scream BUY NOW but instead convey a message or a feeling that encourages a user to re-engage with the app, preferably with a smile on their face. And by perform better, I’m talking about better conversion rates – more returning users for less money – from ads which are more creative.”



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