Studies: Email, mobile key for merchants

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The data suggests that marketers sending highly relevant messaging, with a discount, will fare well this holiday season with more than half of shoppers saying this would influence their purchase. But, don’t get greedy. The key may be in sending a single offer for shoppers rather than offering multiple discounts.
“As B2B and B2C marketers gear up for one of the busiest seasons of the year, email can be a powerful tool to raise visibility. Breaking through the holiday noise however can be a challenge” said Jay Schwedelson, Founder and Creator of “As we’ve analyzed over 7 million subject lines to date, we know what it takes to improve your open rates and drive increased engagement. Focus is of the utmost importance. For B2C marketers, focus on what you want consumers to react to the most, make sure call to actions and offers are clear in marketing assets. B2B marketers can also capitalize on captive audiences during the holidays. Q4 is a great time to send ‘look ahead’ emails with rich content like whitepapers that speak to strategies for the coming year. In fact, these look ahead email campaigns can increase conversion rates as much as a 40% over other quarters.”  
Another reason to pay close attention to email messaging and engagement? Data out from Nosto finds that mobile phones are driving about 67% of holiday traffic and more than half of traffic for fashion sales.
Several studies have linked mobile phones and email messaging, noting the most consumers are opening emails on mobile devices. When combined with Nosto’s findings, it’s even more important for merchants and marketers to ensure not only their emails are mobile friendly but that their landing pages are, as well.
“As they’re making shorter visits on a smaller screen, you’d expect mobile fashion shoppers to be harder to convince to make a purchase, and to be less likely to place larger orders — which we see in the data.” said Jim Lofgren, CEO of Nosto. “But now that online fashion shopping is overwhelmingly mobile, being successful as a retailer comes down to having a truly mobile-first mentality — making it easy for shoppers to find their way around your site and quickly find just the products they want, and to check out with minimum effort.”
In addition to driving traffic, Nosto’s data suggests that smartphone conversion rates are also increasing, up about 1% from 2018 numbers to just over 3% total. While desktop conversions remain the clear leader at 6%, it’s becoming clear that consumers are more and more comfortable buying not only online but via their mobile device.

More data from Nosto can be found here.

Meanwhile, Twilio SendGrid has released their annual Email Benchmarks and Engagement Study, and their data aligns with both Nosto’s and’s. Their analysis of global email trends finds that CTO rates continue to drop, an indicator that consumers are increasingly selective as to what emails they actually open; mobile CTO rates remain higher than non-mobile rates.

Overall, open rates dropped about 4% points to 14.5% with aggregate click rates dropping to just over 1%. But, the average number of emails sent from marketers continued to increase, from 7 to 8 per month.

This, the experts at Twilio SendGrid believe, means brands and marketers are not listening to what their customers want. Other studies have found that email remains the key way consumers want to learn about brand products and discounts, but the open rates continue to decrease and the send rates continue to increase, which means brands aren’t targeting correctly, aren’t using products and messaging tactics that are relevant to their list members, and therefore aren’t engaging their base.



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