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ViSenze’s new Visual Shopping Trends report is out and the research has connected mobile devices and descriptive search terms. The new report indicates and growing number of shoppers are using visual search and descriptive search terms to find products. More than half (64% US, 54% UK) of shoppers in the US and UK are using descriptive search terms; researchers further found that 30% of UK shoppers ‘would buy immediately’ if they could use visual search via their mobile device

“Consumers today are inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of shopping apps daily. These apps alone can be overwhelming to consumers and as a result make them long for smarter, native search engines that are both efficient and accurate in searching for products across different shopping platforms. As mobile usage continues to grow, shoppers now increasingly rely on accessible AI functionalities on their smartphones such as visual search or smart shopping lenses that help them find what they’re looking for on-the-go,” said Cheryl Guzman Ng. Global Head of Marketing at ViSenze. “As omnichannel experiences have become the ‘new retail,’ vision has become the new search for consumers, and this survey underscores the growing acceptance of visual search as a part of the customer journey, whether it be for search, discovery, recommendations, or purchasing.”

The ViSenze data further found that 3 in 4 shoppers ‘always or often’ want to buy items they’ve first seen online, and that Facebook is the channel most likely to inspire them to buy.

Additional data from the ViSenze report can be found here.

Leanplum’s data, meanwhile, finds that email continues to push purchases. Researchers found that three-quarters of shoppers report emails are ‘helpful’ in making purchase decisions and that 74% are specifically interested in sale or deal information from their favorite merchants. The key is that they want the data to be relevant to them – so brands must target the messages to engage.

“As shopping habits shift online and away from brick-and-mortar stores, brands must adjust to communicate with their customers via mobile,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of Leanplum. “Through our research, we see that it’s important that brands provide a personalized experience for each customer. At Leanplum, our core mission is to enable our customers to consistently deliver relevant, timely and personalized communications to their end users.”

Other interesting findings from Leanplum’s data include:

• 46% of shoppers have made a purchase because of an email message or app
• 52% of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers will shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday
• 75% say ‘generic’ marketing emails are annoying

More data from Leanplum can be accessed here.



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