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BizReport : Advertising archives : November 26, 2019

How to know your holiday campaign needs a pivot

Order values are down. Traffic is up. Email messaging seems to be falling on deaf ears except on certain days. Around the holidays merchants and brands are hyper-focused on how consumers are reacting to campaigns, but recognizing when campaigns are - and aren't - working remains a challenge for some. Here are four tips that will help brands recognize when their campaigns need a slight adjustment.

by Kristina Knight

First, average order values are lower than expected.

"It's easier to get more money out of a customer who has already completed a purchase than a new user, especially if incentivized," said David Zapletal, Chief Innovation & Media Officer, Digital Remedy. "Use follow up emails and social retargeting to convince previous customers to purchase more. You might not be able to solve the actual individual order size, but if you can get the same person to come back you can increase the revenue per user in a short time frame."

Second, shopping carts are being abandoned.

"Conduct basic retargeting to remind the user of the abandoned cart. In addition, offer incentivization on the creative messaging, like discount coupon, after a certain amount of days have passed. Lastly, run a price check on Amazon and Google Shopping to see if you are losing to online comparison shopping," advises Zapletal.

Third, email offer codes are left unused.

"Review their user flow and adjust if necessary," said Zapletal. "For example, is the code in the email or do you need to go to the landing page from the email to obtain the code?  If it's the latter, create retargeting campaigns based on user's actually opening the email and not clicking through vs users who did click through and just haven't used the coupon.  Ensure you are using all channels when retargeting."

Fourth, social engagement is up, but revenues are flat.

"Tweak your data if you uploaded your CRM and try different messaging--you can never have enough ad copy versions for Facebook--and more ad types including Product Ads.  Facebook loves copy options with variations to product types.  Let Facebook run its magic on your input into their marketing machine," said Zapletal.

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