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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : October 15, 2019

Top 3 Tips to retargeting success in Q4

Just over a month away from America's Black Friday, the unofficial kick-off to the holiday season, but there is still time for merchants and brands to set themselves up for success. Here's how brands can better use retargeting and reengagement strategies to build a stronger Q4.

by Kristina Knight

According to YouAppi data, shopping app retargeting and reengagement ads resulted in a 70% higher conversion rate during Q4 2018. Here's how brands can use retargeting and reengagement tactics to produce a higher Q4 ROI in 2019.

Tip 1: Retain Users with App Retargeting and Re-Engagement

"Let's be honest. It's 2019 and unless you're marketing a brand new app or solution, if you're targeting users in the US, Canada, Europe and most of Asia and the Americas, you're prospects have probably downloaded your app," said Meiry Vaknin, VP Strategic Partnerships, YouAppi. "That's why YouAppi has spent the last three developing retention-focused solutions for app retargeting and re-engagement. App retargeting refers to targeting users who installed an app but didn't proceed down the funnel to make a purchase while re-engagement is designed for formerly active users who have become dormant. YouAppi's app retargeting and re-engagement solutions enable marketers to retain users and optimize performance beyond the install according to marketer KPIs including ROI, CPA, Return On Ad Spend, Cost of First Purchase, etc. Proprietary machine learning algorithms and custom audience builder with real-time data processing and granular segmentation facilitate utilizing insights acquired from post-install event analysis in order to run more effective app retargeting and re-engagement campaigns. And no, it's not too late to run app retargeting and re-engagement campaigns for this holiday season!"
Tip 2: Test Incremental Lift Using a Test and Control Group

"From John Wanamaker through today, marketers want proof that their campaigns are working. YouAppi delivers this proof by segmenting app retargeting and re-engagement campaigns into a Test Group, who is exposed to the app retargeting and re-engagement ads, and a Control Group, who is not exposed to these ads. The difference in sales/conversions/actions is the incremental lift which the app retargeting and/or re-engagement campaign generated," said Vaknin.
Tip 3: Bring the Holiday Spirit into your Holiday Ads

"An interesting data point from YouAppi's research was that holiday-focused creative generated a 30% greater conversion rate than the ads without holiday-focused creative," said Vaknin. "So keep Ebenezer Scrooge out of the creative studio and create authentic and fun holiday-focused ads to support your app retargeting and re-engagement efforts."

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