Brands increasing investments in content

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Just how important is content personalization, from a consumer standpoint? Episerver’s researchers found most (91%) believe the business care ‘more about their experience’ when content is well personalized. The problem is about half of B2Bs are using only basic personalization options when there are better options available.

But, more B2Bers are getting up to speed. Over the next year just over one-third (36%) say they’ll up the investment in personalized content, and most of those (81%) say they’ll use AI to improve on their content personalization options.

“Consumers expect more from our organisations every day,” said Deane Barker, senior director of content management strategy at Episerver. “Unfortunately, the accounting department expects…well, less. Digital marketers are in a tug-of-war between rising expectations and dwindling budgets. With this report, we’ve looked at the factors pushing and pulling these teams toward their decision points. If you work in digital marketing, I promise you’ll see yourself somewhere in these results.”

Researchers also believe that one-third of B2B brands (33%) will make improvements to mobile experiences over the next year. As to actual ecommerce, the experts believe offering self-serve functions will be key to B2B performance, along with simplified scheduling.

More from Episerver’s Digital Experiences Report 2019 can be accessed here.



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