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BizReport : Social Marketing : September 13, 2019

Top 3 tips to improve branded Instagram strategy

Facebook may still be the biggest, but Instagram is quickly becoming a favorite for consumers to find new products. And they aren't looking for highly curated campaign images. Instead, they're looking to influencers to find the best new products. Here are four tips to help brands find the right influencers their their products.

by Kristina Knight

First, consider micro-influencers

"We're starting to seeing a shift in influencers, where brands are starting to favor smaller influencers, like micro influencers and nano influencers (between 1,000 and 5,000 followers), who they can work with for a longer period of time," said Apu Gupta, CEO, Curalate. "One of the reasons for this is that brands are starting to realize that influencers aren't just a means for reaching new sets of customers; they're a means for creating really great content that's going to resonate with and inspire customers. As brands are learn more about the importance of bringing social content in a variety of consumer touchpoints, these types of content creator relationships are becoming more important."

Second, account for the cost - and ROI - of influencer campaigns

"Making revenue someone else's problem. Social teams often consider their job done once they deliver referral traffic to the brand's site. For many organizations we work with, that mindset is quickly evaporating. Social teams are starting to roll up under digital marketing, a part of the organization that operates with more of a performance marketing lens. While Social teams in these organizations still value metrics like reach and engagement, they're also beginning to align to hard dollar metrics, like ROI," said Gupta.

Third, repurpose content

"Brands are paying good money for highly engaging content to share on social; they just need to get more for it," said Gupta. "Brands have an opportunity to bring all that engaging content to other channels where engagement is just as crucial to business success--on site, in email, in ads. Those who aren't doing this are losing out on strong engagement and incremental revenue."

Fourth, remember the fandom

"Instagram and its users don't just see it as a channel; they see it as a community. For brands, that means it can be a content source. Instead of only posting content created in house, brands are finding stronger engagement by investing in hashtag campaigns, micro-influencer relationships, and user-generated content. It's adding an element of authenticity to the aspirational dynamic of most brands," said Gupta.

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