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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 27, 2019

How to upgrade your business without annoying customers

Upgrading software is part and parcel of nearly every business in the digital age, but upgrading websites can be an inconvenience or annoying to the customer base. Here are four tips to upgrade your business with a minimum of annoyance to the customer.

by Kristina Knight

Leverage Data to Meet Customer Expectations

"While adding more modern communication channels to the mix can seem overwhelming, it allows companies to deliver a more personalized experience that considers customer preferences," said Simon Tindal, CTO, Smart Communications. "At the same time, leveraging the data and analytics collected from an increased number of customer touchpoints provides an opportunity to better align with customer expectations and opens the door to delivering more relevant and rewarding interactions. Modern, cloud-based technologies that are digital-first and customer-centric can make this a reality."

Consider Downtime and Update Frequency

"According to Hubspot, 90% of consumers rate an "immediate" response, meaning within 10 minutes or less, as very important when they have a question relating to customer service," said Tindal. "Imagine how many unhappy customers there would be if faced with hours, days or weeks of downtime, preventing them from being able to access their content within an expected timeframe? A key benefit to modern software platforms is the ability to make fast, easy and frequent updates - with minimal downtime. Today, anything less than 99.5% uptime should be questioned. Less downtime and more frequent updates mean your customers will not only receive the response they desire quickly (potentially in real time) but they will also quickly benefit from the latest enhancements."

Find a Framework That Enables Seamless Integrations

"The days of calling into a support line are far behind us and interactions with today's modern consumers are highly digital. As a result, there's a strong need for the right CX technology stack to power a great customer experience. Companies should ensure there are systems in place that build connections between their brand and the customer, providing a personalized experience that customers will want to take part in. A new software solution that offers an open ecosystem and a framework that is readily equipped with pre-built adaptors and plug-ins to other technologies in your stack will not only help break down internal silos but will also offer a more holistic view of each customer, allowing organizations to ultimately provide a more consistent and rewarding customer experience," said Tindal.

Encourage Your Employees to Embrace Change

"Multiple studies have revealed that prioritizing the employee experience has a direct impact on customer experience and generates a higher ROI. Companies that are leaders in customer experience have 60% more engaged employees," said Tindal. "For a new software transition to truly be effective, it's critical that organizations get employees to embrace the change. Digital transformation is a continuous evolution, not a path with a clear end. Setting multiple milestones to mark progress and celebrating success along the way can keep employees engaged and committed to the exceptional customer experience we all desire."

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