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BizReport : Trends & Ideas archives : September 20, 2019

3 Points to Explain the Value of Your Business Card

Before the Age of the Internet, smartphones and even smarter homes and businesses, business cards were the primary means by which business professionals exchanged information at networking events. These days, the people who live and work minus business cards are happy to point out that having smartphones and websites are enough.

by BizReport

But we would argue that having business cards made serves more practical and even personal purposes that, when properly used, put you head and shoulders above the competition. Here's why.

1. It Broadens Your Reach

Digital media has made it much easier to connect with someone online through sites, like LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. Many people prefer this method. For them, a business card would gather dust in their top desk drawer or worse yet, find its way into the round filing cabinet.

That being said, some business people still love the old-school way of connecting: in person with business cards in hand. As difficult as it is to believe, some people don't have social media accounts. According to the Millionaire Next Door book series, many of the wealthiest people don't spend a lot of time on social media.

If they don't spend time on social media, then you won't find them there, and they won't find you there. They won't be looking. Whatever business you hoped to do with them won't happen. They prefer connecting in-person.

2. It Brings a Personal Touch

Few would argue that mobile phones haven't proliferated in every aspect of life. However, there is a smidge of irony that comes with mobile phones. This device, which was invented to facilitate conversation, does nothing but stop face-to-face conversations when it comes out.

Now, think about the ramifications of this at a networking event. You're chatting it up with an important contact in your industry. You've even agreed that you should exchange information, and what do you do to facilitate that? You pull out your phones. The next thing you know, the flow of the conversation has died down. You've even snuck in a peek at your email when you thought your new friend wasn't looking. The magic of the moment is gone because having your nose in your phone during a face-to-face meet-up puts the kibosh on the personal.

Business cards present a more personal front. You can hand one over to your would-be contact without interrupting the flow of the conversation. In fact, in some instances, they become an additional impetus for conversation once you start discussing the style, your brand, etc., pretty much everything that your business card can convey that a nose-in-the-screen can't.

Aside from all of this, your new business acquaintance has something tangible to remind him/ her of your meeting after your exchange is done.

3. Extending Your Brand

Much of branding today is created by the look of a business's marketing collateral. Your business card counts as the first in-person impression of your business, and it's infinitely more personal than connecting via email or a LinkedIn, at least at first.

Tangible business collateral allows people to pass your card onto someone else, which extends the reach of your brand, even when you're not there. Additionally, for some people, having something tactile that they can hold in their hands is important.

If you work in creative industries, this is critical. A nicely-designed business card allows you to stand out against your competition, especially given how many different options there are for business card design today; there are so many unique business cards online today.

Anymore, you have a variety of choices for business card design, which include but are not limited to:

● Metal (instead of paper) cards
● Pop-up cards (like children's pop-up books)
● Foil or die-cut embellishments
● White ink
● Hundreds of pre-designed cards, which helps small business owners who don't have a design staff
● Oversized business cards that are more like postcards
● Etc.

The above list alone counts as one of the primary reasons why so many people still make business cards for their businesses. The different design options means that your card will stand out after everyone else has put their phones away.

Final Thoughts

Business people still make business cards for many reasons. While many industry experts agree that new technology has changed the way that people do business, a good portion of them also believes that there is still good reason to make business cards, even in the Age of the Internet.


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