Study IDs pain points in sales funnel

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In theory the farther a consumer goes into the funnel, the more invested in the purchase or product they should become. So, having consumers lose interest mid-way through a purchase is especially problematic for many brands.

“Marketers have long known that the middle section of the funnel presents the most challenges. What they didn’t always know was how to reduce that friction and convert more leads. The GetResponse/Demand Metric study proves the power of automation in digital marketing and its ability to drive at least a 3X improvement in the murky middle of the funnel,” said John Follett, co-founder, Demand Metric.

Researchers with GetResponse and Demand Metric collaborated on the 2019 Funnel Friction Benchmark Study, analyzing nearly 300 survey respondents to come to their conclusions. According to the report less than one-third (30%) of marketers have a good understanding of their marketing funnel ROI and fewer than 20% have automated at least part of their marketing funnel, despite evidence that automating marketing tactics boosts funnel performance nearly 2x higher than non-automated funnels.

“Today’s marketers are smart, digitally savvy and have an unlimited number of ideas and tools to execute campaigns. Yet they often struggle with moving opportunities through the funnel. By taking a closer look at the issues causing the most friction in the funnel, and enabling marketers to significantly reduce them, companies can realize stronger ROI and customer retention,” said Courtenay Worcester, director of marketing, GetResponse.

More data from the Funnel Friction study can be accessed here.



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