Studies: Content, personalization a problem for merchants

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According to new data out from CleverTap, most consumers are quitting shopping apps within four weeks of downloading them, 42% uninstall within 30 days and only 5% will reinstall.

“The cut-throat competition in the ecommerce industry makes it crucial for brands to deliver a superior customer experience. Our research indicates that ecommerce brands are losing customers faster than acquiring them. On average, shopping apps lose 86% of users within the first 4 weeks of download,” said Almitra Karnik, Head of Marketing, CleverTap. “Without focusing on retention, brands are trying to fill a leaky bucket, focusing on acquiring more users that don’t stick around for long. This impacts the top line as well as customer lifetime value for these brands,” she added.

Meanwhile, new data out from Uberflip and Heinz finds that most brands aren’t sure if their website is engaging to shoppers; in fact only about one-third (37%) “are confident” that their website engages consumers. They’re not wrong. Researchers with Adobe found that nearly half (42%) of shoppers say irrelevant content is “the most annoying” part of branded content, and that about one-third (29%) of consumers won’t make a purchase from a brand if the content on-site is irrelevant to them.

What are brands, specifically B2B brands, doing to engage? They’re banking on more content and more content personalization. But, there are issues. Most B2Bers believe their efforts to personalize content are ineffective, and most (78%) have said content personalization is where they are most focused on improving their marketing efforts.

More data from the Uberflip/Heinz report can be accessed here.



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