Reports: Mobile engagement down, clicks up

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First, Acoustic has released their 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report and while mobile CTR in the US are up, overall email opens via mobile are down. In the US CTRs increased about 20% from 2017 through 2018; email CTRs are about 3.6% now and transactional emails – those triggered by customer behavior – are performing the highest. For transactional messaging, open rates are at 44%, that’s nearly 20% higher than non-transactional emails.

One problem area, though, is that overall mobile email open rates are down about 5% YoY. Webmail opens are up about 7% (40% vs 33% a year earlier) while desktop email opens are down about 2% YoY.

More data from Acoustic’s 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report can be accessed here.

Meanwhile, PubMatic’s Q2 2019 Quarterly Mobile Index report finds mobile on-track to hit about $27 billion in revenue next year as mobile buyers move from a more open market to a PMP structure. Much of this move is due to fraud concerns in the mobile space.

“After mobile inventory quality setbacks with fraud last year, the industry is evolving to increasingly leverage PMPs to safeguard transactions over open RTB’s and will be the dominant approach to buying programmatic advertising as soon as next year,” shared Paulina Klimenko, SVP, Corporate Development and GM, Mobile at PubMatic. “The entire industry is coming together to address in-app quality concerns and we’ve already seen steady growth in adoption rates, by about 12% of the top 1000 industry apps publishing app-ads.txt files as of mid-July 2019.”

Other interesting findings from the Pubmatic report include:

â–ª iOS leading for in-app operations with a 50% share of in-app impressions
â–ª APAC is now the second largest in-app impression area, APAC accounts for about 25% of global in-app inventory

PubMatic’s researchers are also buoyed by mobile’s in-app impressions, which are up about 26% YoY. They’re also finding more US households are streaming via mobile for political news. During the first Democratic debate this summer about 9 million US households streamed the event and another 14 million tuned in to view across various platforms.

More PubMatic data can be accessed here.



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