Study:More people opening phones with no destination in mind

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“Mobile behavior is changing quickly and the result is a massive opportunity to make smartphones that better serve the needs of today’s on-the-go consumer,” said Jon Jackson, Mobile Posse CEO. “The companies that solve for this opportunity can make billions by delivering mobile content discovery experiences that users want.”

Researchers with Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing found that consumers are opening phones an average of 70 times each day, but that most (88%) are opening without a destination – the researchers call this being “appnostic” – in mind. This behavior, say the experts, could be a financial boon for OEMs, wireless carriers, and others who move to monetize phones’ lock screens. Other interesting findings from the report include:

â–ª 2 in 3 mobile users want improved mobile content discovery, 69% of 18-24 year olds want this
â–ª 25% say push notifications are their ‘least liked’ content discovery option
â–ª Mobile content discovery options rank higher than personalized advertising for consumers
â–ª 68% of mobile users say they would trade tracking for an increase in content relevance

What kind of content are these consumers in need of? Nearly half (41%) say they want :15 to :30 second content experiences while about one-quarter want :30 to :90 second content experiences.

More data from The Appnostic Journey report can be accessed here.



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