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Bazaarvoice researchers looking into how consumers are interacting and engaging with brands for their latest Shopper Experience Index; researchers looked at data from 6,000 websites within their network, surveyed more than 500 businesses/retailers, and 2,000 consumers for the report. What they found was that user generated content – things like product reviews and even Q&As about products – increased conversions 137% and revenue per visitor by about 157%.

“The sheer volume of shopping activity we see across the Bazaarvoice Network gives us a unique perspective into consumer behavior,” said Bazaarvoice CRO Joe Rohrlich. “The retail landscape has continued to shift over the last year, as modern consumers seek unique shopping experiences, new engagement and purchase channels and an increased level of brand and product transparency and authenticity. Brands and retailers that recognize these evolving preferences and deliver informative, interactive experiences online and offline can both retain their existing customers and attract new ones.”

Other interesting findings from the report include this: more than half (57%) of page views across Bazaarvoice’s network were from mobile devices. Of those visits, consumers who also engaged with user generated content had conversion rates 136% higher. Additionally, researchers found:

â–ª 59% of brands feature images and videos from consumers throughout their site
â–ª Brands that syndicate reviews to retailers saw an 83% more reviews than those that didn’t
â–ª 63% use reviews to boost SEO
â–ª 53% use reviews to improve in-store sales
â–ª 52% use reviews to increase brand loyalty

More findings from the Bazaarvoice Shopper Experience Index can be accessed here.



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